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Did you know that it is mandatory to recycle in the Borough of Stroudsburg?

Below is information so you can do your part to comply with the recycling
which is being enforced by our Code Enforcement team.

Twin Boroughs Recycling Center
336 Lincoln Avenue, East Stroudsburg PA 18301
(570) 424-5170
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

The Twin Boroughs Recycling Center is open to residents and commercial 
establishments of Stroudsburg Borough and East Stroudsburg Borough only.
Recycling is collected curbside every other week, for residential homes only.
Collection of recycling is performed by Twin Boroughs Recycling Staff members.
Commercial establishments and residents can drop off recycling materials to the
center during normal business hours.

Accepted Materials for Residential Curbside Collection and at Recycling Center
Helpful Tips for Recycling
2024 Recycling Calendar

Please be advised that disposal of electronics curbside for weekly trash pickup
is prohibited.
The Recycling Center accepts televisions and computers. Visit The
Waste Authority
(Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority) to
learn how to properly dispose of other electronics and more!

Compost and Mulch:
Residents can take yard waste (tree branches, limbs and cuttings, small bushes –
without root ball, hedges, and tree logs) to the Twin Borough Recycling Center
during normal business hours. Yard waste is then ground-up to produce mulch!
Additionally, leaves can be taken to the center (no yard waste should be included
in the leaves), which turns into compost. *Dropping off these materials is free to
residents, with exceptions. Please see below for applicable tipping fees.

Compost and mulch are available! Shovel your own compost or mulch, free of
charge. Or have it loaded onto your truck/trailer by our staff. Please see below
for applicable loading fees.

Fees for loading of compost/mulch

$25 for any portion of 3 yards of compost
$15 for any portion of 3 yards of mulch

Tipping Fees for compost/mulch
Residents dropping off compost and mulch, less than a one-ton dump truck load,
can do so for no charge. ANY commercial vehicle, and residents’ vehicles over
one-ton, please follow this fee schedule:

$25 One-ton dump truck
$40 Single axle (larger than one ton) dump truck
$75 Tandem axel dump truck
$100 Tri axel dump truck
$40 Tandem axel trailer
$25 Single axel dump trailer
$40 Tandem axel dump trailer
$40 Chipper/Forestry Truck

For your convenience, credit cards are accepted

The Recycling Center now accepts tires!

Vehicle Tires (up to 17”) $8
On rim $10

HD/SUV (18”-20”) $15
On rim $20

Heavy Truck (20”+) $25
On rim $25

Bias ply any size $25
On rim $25