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Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB)

Stroudsburg Historic Preservation District

The Stroudsburg Borough Council passed the Stroudsburg Historic Preservation District Ordinance in July 2006 to protect and preserve Stroudsburg’s historic buildings and streetscapes, enacting regulations that set higher standards for exterior renovations and new construction.

Before Starting Any Exterior Work On Your Historic District Building:

Is My Building Located in the Stroudsburg Historic Preservation District?

The Historic District boundary is shown on the  Stroudsburg Historic Preservation District Map . Contact the Borough of Stroudsburg Zoning & Codes Enforcement at (570) 421-5444 x109 if you are unsure whether your property falls within the district and is subject to its regulations.

What Are My Obligations as a Property Owner in the Stroudsburg Historic Preservation District?

Any exterior renovations or alterations to buildings in the Historic District require a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) before any work may be started. All new construction or demolition of all or part of the building also requires a COA.

What Changes to a Building do NOT Require a Certificate of Appropriateness?

  • Interior renovations of any kind;
  • Maintenance work that does not change the exterior features or materials of a building. The historic, architectural, or cultural
    significance of the building remains unchanged;
  • Repair or any additional work beyond maintenance. When a repair is completed, there is no visual change to the building or feature. Examples include patching, piecing in, splicing, or otherwise reinforcing materials;
  • Installation of accessory elements such as flower boxes, flags, mailboxes, or lights;
  • Paint color.

How Do I Get a Certificate of Appropriateness?

The Board of Historic Architectural Review (HARB) is the oversight body that recommends to Stroudsburg Borough Council the approval of Certificates of Appropriateness for any regulated work within the Historic District. All proposed work must be presented to the HARB through an application containing all required information. The HARB meets on the first Monday of each month in Council Chambers (second floor of the Stroudsburg Municipal Building).

How Do I Get a COA Application?

COA applications and instructions can be obtained from the Borough of Stroudsburg Zoning and Codes Enforcement Office located at the Stroudsburg Municipal Building, 700 Sarah Street. Completed applications must be received by the last Monday of the month in order to be placed on that the next HARB meeting agenda. Failure to obtain the necessary COA will result in the denial of building permits and may result in fines if work commences.

What Guidelines Are Used to Determine What I May and May Not Do to My Building?

The guidelines used are based on  The Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring & Reconstructing Historic Buildings . Guidelines are available at:

Who Can Help Me With My Application?

Contact the HARB at the earliest stage of your project. To discuss your project informally with the HARB to uncover any potential concerns prior to finalizing your design, please contact the Code Enforcement Office.

Board of Historical Architectural Review (HARB)

Dan Lichty, Chair (A person with knowledge of, and an interest in, preservation of historic structures.)
Ted Hoyt, Vice-Chair / Secretary (Historic District Resident)
Michelle Prevoznik
Ken Sandri (A person with knowledge of, and an interest in, preservation of historic structures.)
Toby Sabatine
Joanne Kochanski
Margot Vagliardo (A person with knowledge of, and an interest in, preservation of historic structures.)
Christopher Brown, Solicitor

Borough of Stroudsburg

Code Enforcement Office
Stroudsburg Municipal Building
700 Sarah Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Tel: (570) 421-5444 x107