SBA Physical Disaster Survey Form - Private Residences (pdf)
     SBA Economic Injury Survey Form - Businesses (pdf)
Hurricane Henri

Was your property damaged in the flooding due to Hurricane Henri?

Monroe County is pursuing a Small Business Administration (SBA) Declaration that will provide low-interest loans through the SBA to both residents and business owners for repairs to properties.

If you are interested in this program, please fill out one of the attached forms – there is one for residences and one for businesses – and return to Borough Manager Larry Kopp.  These forms are to assess the need for a declaration; this is not a contract and you are not agreeing to a loan.

As of now there is no deadline for submission, but we encourage you to get the form to back to the Borough as quickly as possible.   

The term “household” is used very broadly in this program.  There are a few situations in which can increase the number of forms that can be completed:

  • If in the household there is a couple that are co-habitating and are not married, they can be counted as two households and should each complete a form.
  • If an individual is renting a room or space from a landlord that lives in the property, they are considered two households and should each complete a form.
  • If an individual is renting a home, both they and the landlord can each complete a form.
  • If an individual operates their business out of their home and sustained damages, they can fill a form out for their household and the business.
  • If an adult child (18+) lives in the home with their parents and sustained damages to their property, they can fill out a form separate from their parents.

Please return forms to the Borough Building or email them to Borough Manager Larry Kopp, lkopp@stroudsburgborocom